Artspace Everett Lofts Features Artists Anna Ballivet Jordan & Kathy Lynnot

This month we close out these two amazing shows of incredibly emotional work at the Artspace Everett Lofts, featuring the works of resident artists Anna Ballivet Jordan and Kathy Lynnot. Open from 6pm to 9pm next door to the Schack Art Center. (Schack Art Center is closed for Sept. Art Walk for a new installation.)

Anna Balivet Jordan is showing her compelling body of work in charcoal, oil and stone.Kathy Lynnot presents “Alchemical Elementals”, in which the artist explores, through mixed media paintings and ink painted tiles, the notion that humans ought to be separated into groups by exploring how alchemists divided up elements of the natural world into categories. The attempts to explain nature under narrow terms, mirrors the way in which we differentiate human beings into classes, races, genders, and other facets of human presentation.

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