AYE147 – Featured at APEX

This Thursday July 18th during Everett Artwalk, AYE147 will be featured Graffiti Artist at APEX Art & Culture Center.

Baby G Carswell will host tours at APEX during Everett Art Walk 5-8 p.m. July 18th.The AMGRAF museum is located on the third floor of the APEX Art & Culture Center, 1611 Everett Ave. on the corner of Wetmore. For more info, visit https://www.amgraf-everett.com

Artist’s Statement: I’m a multi-talented, well known graffiti artist, instructor, and muralist from Los Angeles. I started my painting journey in 1982 in New York through my cousins and I continued to emerge as a legend in Los Angeles.

Throughout my career I have instructed students and taught them the history of graffiti art. I have exhibited my paintings on canvases, walls, murals, art shows and clothing. My work appeared in the movie “Training Day” and has been featured in the media while I was being interviewed about my art murals or during special reports on graffiti. My talent isn’t limited to only painting. I also work with metal. I restore classic cars and build them from the bottom up.

I consider myself to be a perfectionist and take pride in my artwork and the cars I have restored. I am extremely professional and demonstrate integrity in my work.