Everett Art Walk’s Guidelines for Participating Venues

  1. Venues must open during the Everett Art Walk, the 3rd Thursday of the month. The featured or designated artist should be available for the event.
  2. Venues must have a Designated Art Space that is accessible for the Walkers to view the Artist’s artwork. If the Venue is a food establishment, it must have a designated Art Space away from the customers eating or drinking.
  3. Everett Art Walk is a Free event and if your Venue has a paid event during the 3rd Thursday you must have a designated Art Space to view the art or decline participation in that month’s Art Walk.
  4. Membership Fees must be current. $100 yearly or $25 for a Pop-Up.
  5. New Showcasing Artists must be changed every two months. If using an artist from the Art List or a previously showcased artist of the Everett Art Walk, you must use current and/or different biographies, and images for marketing in the Venue, website, and social media.
  6. The Everett Art Walk’s marketing provided to Venues must be visible to designate a participating Venue on the Walk. Everett Art Walk’s Logo should appear on your social media.