April 20th – Seeing Ourselves – Everett Museum of History Exhibit

Seeing Ourselves is an exhibit for viewing
Thursday, April 20th

3rd Thursday Everett Art Walk
GroWashington 3013 Colby Ave, Everett
6pm to 10pm

Viewing the images in this exhibition through the lens of the historical significance of portraiture, as well as our ongoing obsession of documenting ourselves, Seeing Ourselves further examines the urge of every person to make their own mare, be it with a cave painted stick figure or s selfie, challenging the viewer to see the newly envisaged image before them.

The images included in this exhibition cross mediums, from photographs to pastel portraits and etchings to oil painting.  The viewer has the unique experience of seeing reproductions of both the original image, in the supplementary catalog, and the reimagined image, displayed on the wall, side-by-side and to posit the question: How would I have chosen display these images?

Visit their website at http://www.everett-museum.org or like them on FB at Everett Museum of History.

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