Karen Heistand – Art Walk at SolieFunerals Aug 17th

Astro Photography by Karen Heistand

Shortly after the sun sets, throughout the night and into the morning of the sun’s new light

Stars and planets twinkle, colors brought in radiant splendor unto the eye that has sought

Through scoop and cell, tracing patterns of star’s divine time to tell

Today and tomorrow their presence is known, in dark or light their guidance is shone

Seeing sky’s curving arch as we and they progress in our lives’ constant march

Stars and planets like a vast community as they reflect our own social unity

Some of us seem cold, each of us is warm, with tranquil waters or with a raging storm

Even though some are close and some are distant, whispers from the skies are persistent


Each of Karen’s photographs are of planetary bodies that she records using her cell phone and telescope. She enjoys watching the rotations of the moons by Jupiter, the tilt of Saturn’s rings and the changing curve of our moon’s phases. Often, her husband Justin joins her for star gazing and they delight in heaven’s celestial splendor. Many of Karen’s photographs and drawings have songs from artists that she feels compliments and resonates with her experiences.

From Karen: I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this wonderful journey through life’s twists and turns. Holly Mattie for opening doors, my Mom & Dad for supporting me every day and the beauty of Snohomish County’s many gifts. There’s so many ways of enriching one’s world in good places with good people. Perhaps everyone is looking for a happy purpose and we can unify under a sky of guiding lights.

~the hunting party – until it’s gone~

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