Renee St Peter is Featured at GroWashington/88 Keys Gallery

Scanned by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction, LLC.

A lifelong artist and resident of the Pacific NW, Renee has been painting in watercolor since 2006. She has experimented with many mediums over the years but has always loved the effects of water and paint on paper.

Meet Renee St Peter at GroWashington/88 Keys Gallery (3013 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 98201) from 5-9PM. These paintings and more will be at the gallery through December 19th. You can find her work on FB at and her website

Phyllis Maslin – is a fine art photographer represented by the Benham Gallery in Seattle, and Getty Images worldwide. She was raised in the Pacific Northwest in a Bohemian atmosphere of artists and thinkers in the University District of Seattle, Washington. This environment encouraged inquiry into the esoteric. Her goal is to always challenge herself as well as her photographic medium. Find out more about Phyllis at


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