Dolores Marquez is Featured Artist at GroWashington on January 18th

Dolores was born and raised in Southern California. She earned her B.A. in Art and Design from California State University at Los Angeles. She moved to the Pacific Northwest over 25 years ago with her family and where she continued her career in Commercial and Residential Interior Design.

Since retiring Dolores has returned full time to her love of art. Her watercolor and acrylic paintings burst across the canvas with bold and vibrant forms of color. Dolores’ current focus is abstract art, which appear simple, but which is actually challenging and more difficult than most people realize.

With 6 grandchildren, painting has become a favorite activity with Grandma. These activities have developed methods producing excellent canvas productions from young people in their preteens. Dolores believes strongly that exposing children to art activity is an excellent way for children to build upon their artistic skills and to develop a lifetime of art appreciation.

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