Kriss Erickson at the Snoisle Coop March 15th for Everett Art Walk

Kriss Erickson is a versatile artist who has had several illustrations published as part of freelance magazine assignments. Kriss has sold her art since 1980, when she developed a unique recipe using Mt. St. Helen’s ash to create small animal figurines. She has also sold colored pencil art in the form of greeting cards, original art and whimsical seasonal signs since 2004.

Kriss loves to work with colored pencils, acrylics and watercolor mediums. She loves color and motion as well as fantasy and the surreal. She creates from her home in Everett, WA.

Kriss participates in local and regional art and craft fairs such as Oddmall. She also has an online art studio at

Visit Kris’s web site at: or e-mail her at

Art is always shown in the co-op’s dining area until close at 9 pm

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