88 Keys Gallery Features Artist Linda Domnick of Muffet Designs

You’ve never seen art done like this before “Vintage Postage Stamp Collage Art”!

88 Keys Gallery features Artist Linda Domnick of Muffet Designs during Everett’s Art Walk this Thursday April 19th.

“I was gifted with a large amount of postage stamps one day, I couldn’t wait to see what I could create. The one thing I like best about postage stamps is that they create travel. Their very existence demands that they take a trip. They are used to send letters, postcards and parcels around the world. It’s quite a job for something so small”.

Plan to stop into 88 Keyes Gallery which is in the GroWashington Everett Store at 3013 Colby (next to the Marriott Hotel) from 5 to 9pm

Find Linda’s art at www.muffetdesigns.com, and on Facebook http://facebook.com/muffetdesigns

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