Holiday Art Exhibit – Schack Art Center

Annual Holiday Art Exhibit featuring Signature Members of the Northwest Pastel Society, as well as a large mix of regional glass, ceramic, wood, and jewelry artists.

Northwest Pastel Society Signature Members participating: Myrna Binion, Vicky Brink, Dana Butler, Antonia Carriere, Debra Cepeda, Susan Dawson, Cindy Sue Dow, Janis Ellison, Jeannie Fine, Marian Flahavin, Caroline Garland, Alejandra Gos, Janet Hamilton, Jeanne Hamilton, Annette Hanna, Deborah Henderson, Steven Hill, Amanda Houston, Debbie Hughbanks, Paulette Johnson, LaDonna Kruger, Joe Mac Kechnie, Mary Maue, Evalynne McDougall, Mary McInnis, Eve Miller, Nick Payne, Laurie Povey Crawford, Kathleen Secrest, Judith Smith, Christine Troyer, Janice Wall, Carol Woolford, and Kimberly Wurster

3D Artists selected for the exhibit: Staci Adman, Reg Akright, Jim Arrabito, Chaim Bezalel and Yonnah Ben Levy (Bezalel-Levy), Wolff Bowden, Susan Brendon, Tatyana Brown, Ursula Burnham, Barbara Childs, Cassie Christianson, Polly Cook, Rick Davenport, Laura Elmore, Isaac Feuerman, Jeanne Gardner, Mike Gardner, Roxy Gesler, Gary Giovane, Louise Grant, Sisters Grimm, Gale Johansen, Jesse Kelly, Aaron LaChaussee, Emille Laffite (Karen), Olivia Lahti, Rich Langley, Robin Larson, Linda Lenhardt, Marina Lesnikova, Steph Mader, Nathaniel Magnuson, Merrilee Moore, Marissa Motto, Theresa Novion, Matt Patton, Elizabeth Perkins, Olivier Peter-Contesse, Julie Prather, Nancy Richards, Jean Shaffer, JLS Glass – Lori and Joel Soderberg, Martha Soriano, Chris Theiss & Kristin Loffer Theiss, Joann Wadge, Katie Walton, Judith Warren, Jill Whitmore, and Josey Wise.

Opening Reception: at 2921 Hoyt Ave on Thursday November 15 from 5-8pm

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